Hail & Welcome, Sister!


The Priestess of The Light Temple is a Sacred Arts Temple, an etheric temple space of Deep Soul Healing, Sacred Feminine Awakening supporting you to align to your Inner Soul Truth and awaken your Spiritual Gifts. Bring your open heart and devotion and Welcome to Priestess of The Light Temple.

Beautiful one, are you ready to…

You will be initiated… because Life is The Initiation.

Imagine you are walking into the temple gate and I am greeting you with deep remembrance, recognition, and in a wide, open-hearted embrace. See yourself arriving here with all the other sisters from across the planet.

You will open your vessel wider — and clearer — to receive The Council of Light unconditional love energy.

Through an alchemical process and direct embodiment, you will transform shadow into light; fear into Love; lead into gold.

This Mystery asks that you enter the Unknown — through your inner knowing — and anchor your Soul skills and training. The divine remembrance moves you from AWAKENING the 11 faces of the Divine Feminine archetypes to EMBODYING them, unlocking the sacred technology and sacred keycodes of what it means to walk as THE WAY – SHOWER in your daily life.

The initiation is to become a vessel of coherent and resonant unconditional Love.

Do you feel called to immerse and deeply commit to Her alchemy?


Earth Star Temple is a beautiful collaboration between Gaia, Star Family & Divine Human. Together, the Temple draws forth the heart light of Sophia to Earth, bringing deep soul alchemy on many levels to all that blesses us with commitment.

We bring together the great pantheon of the mystical realms of Avalon, the magic of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the vast Star Nations that support spiritual growth on our planet drawing forth a new light on soul transformation.

We will explore these energies together through circles, teaching and sharing with you the alchemical healing that will empower and guide you on your path. Together we will create a sacred sisterhood of women who are not afraid to be seen, to awaken their true voices and rise into the divine goddesses they are all destined to be.


Lilian is a Galactic Star Channeler of Light, a pure channel dedicated to working with HIGH FREQUENCY LIGHT from many different sources. She accepts the light and processes it, anchoring each frequency into the Earth plane before transferring it to be held within a visual container for you to use as you travel your soul journey, A BEING OF LIGHT HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE.

These visual containers all have a slightly different focus, but the primary purpose of each one is to support you to TUNE INTO THE LIGHT WITHIN, to MAGNIFY YOUR LIGHT and to support you to REACH YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

I AM The Galactic Bridge Connecting You With High Frequency Light.

“I am a Galactic Star Channeler of LIGHT. I work ONLY with HIGH-FREQUENCY LIGHT, in THE HIGHEST POTENTIAL of those receiving this LIGHT.

My INTENTION in working with LIGHT is for the most benevolent outcome of all, honoring divine will and timing for you to honour your sovereignty as you feel called to and to follow your free will in each moment.

My INTEGRITY and my INTENTION for each time I sit down, tune in and connect guide my process and my energetic boundaries are non-negotiable. I have extremely high discernment allowing me to choose which energy and LIGHT parts of these waves I need for each code.” – Lilian Ana’i


CRYSTALLINE DIVINITY CODE is a Uniquely Channeled Soul Code for devoted souls who are ready to activate their highest timelines of the personal spiritual journey, accelerate your spiritual growth, personal evolution, soul ascension, and the embodiment of your unique divine blueprint, so that you anchor into higher timelines of love, sacred gifts, soul expression, abundance, appreciation and joy.

EARTH START CELESTIAL ARTISTRY FOR SPIRITUAL BUSINESS is Uniquely Channelled Light codes to anchor the embodiment of your divine gifts so you can birth your sacred offerings & shine with love, joy, grounded and alignment. This is perfect for those who are ready to share your gift & wisdom with the world.  It is now to anchor the embodiment of your unique divine blueprint so that you can express yourself with soulful confidence and the powerful magnetic humility that your soul knows so well.

ACTIVATION ESSENCE CODE is  Light codes emanating specific potent frequencies to activate, transmute, transmit, and anchor specific embodiments in your life, business, & world. This is perfect for those who are beginning or deepening their light code journey and wish to commission a unique channeled light code. These Light codes are also perfect for those who wish to amplify their powerful teaching transmissions with a potent and customised Light code to accelerate the transformational results of their clients. This is perfect for people who journey into your Sacred Container to who unique codes for holding their divinity and healing process when they journey in your alchemical offerings.

STARGATES are energetic portals designed for astral traveling to a specific location for a specific reason. They are created to be held within the Earth’s energetic space using the vibrational frequency from galactic beings and anchored into the Earth grid by the Elementals and Gaia. The connection of these two vibrations creates a balanced partnership and allows an easy flow of energy.

Stargates provide an easy way to communicate with multi-dimensional beings and therefore make connecting with your soul family, particularly your star family, easier. As you make these connections you will start to remember more about yourself and your purpose in this incarnation.

The purpose of a Stargate is primarily to strengthen your connection to your soul, to remember, to awaken and to align with your Higher Self. Each Stargate offers a unique experience, often through Healing, DNA activation, Conscious awareness of your life’s purpose, Rememberance of your unique gifts, Opportunity to increase your ability to hold light within your Lightbody, Clearing energy to make changes, Connecting you with your Star Family, amongst other purposes.

How Can The Temple Serve You?

There are several different ways to engage with the temple to receive free support + to become more acquainted with us.


Rise Within Podcast


I’m Lilian and I’m Multidimensional.
I’m here to support you to embody your Magdalene-Rose Priestess Gifts and manifest your Divine Purpose + Sacred Feminine power into this world. I am space holder and reconnect women to their inner temple, Inner wisdom and inner beauty.
I have been on the conscious Spiritual & Soul journey for almost 3 years now and I am here to support you to remember, to be in complete alignment with your Sacred Feminine power so that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny.

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