Who is Priestess?

Photo: Cheryl Yambrach Rose

The Path of the Divine Priestess 

A lot of people ask me what’s is Priestess and Why Priestessing?

I found it very difficult to answer and explain.  After three months journey into the Priestess Initiation Path, I am nowhere to tell you what Priestess means to me and we just journeyed Priestess Archetype and it is one of my most favourite months!

The Path of the Divine Priestess has always been the path and partnership with the “Unseen” for this is the path of the Soul that has been part of the Process and Mystery and the Path of the True Initiate.

The Role of the Priestess and the Oracle has always been the Divine Connection and the Path of the Shaman.

The Soul throughout the LifeTimes connects with this Energy of Remembering deep within the Essence and upon that discovery works towards activating these abilities and working in connection with the “unseen” Spirit Guides, Helpers, Higher Self and Source / Universal Life Force Energy.

The connection with Magic and Medicine (which according to Ancient Teachings are one and the same) and we practice the Medicine Wheel we bring all aspects together in Divine Balance.

Throughout Time Man has manipulated energy to suit their own agendas and needs and then this becomes a form of “negative energy” (when not used for the Highest Good)

The Path and Role of the Priestess are to be the Gateway to the Goddess and to activate the frequencies and power of the Divine Feminine.

The feminine Side Of God is the pattern keeper for your Soul. There are many ways to understand Mother Goddess teachings. She comes in many forms to teach and guide us. She will help you call back your natural intuitive abilities and awaken the Ancient Priestess that you have been in other times.

You will then integrate that wise part of yourself into your modern world.

You will learn to be a healer of yourself and others through the Goddess Pathways. Know Thyself is the highest form of learning and will increase your awareness of unseen realities that help shape your own reality.

A Priestess is an agent of change.

This is a very powerful and dynamic growing time for both individuals and the planet. We have a chance now to bring our ancient wisdom into the modern world.

It is an exciting time of change. 

Mysticism and spirituality are melding with psychology, physics, biology, engineering and other sciences. New sources of energy and new methods of healing surface every day. All of these inspire greater interest in things beyond the five senses. 

The Goddess is part of that change. She takes her place once again to establish balance.

By birthing Ancient Priestess consciousness into your Body, Mind and Soul, you will become a balanced vision carrier.

By bringing the light of the Great Mother into all areas of your life, you will contribute to the world in your own personal way. 

Women have always been peacemakers. Remembering that you are made in Her image will help anchor the energy of peace into your personal life and into humanity.

All of you have had many lifetimes as priestesses and wise women of indigenous cultures. By building a bridge to those spaces in your consciousness once again, you walk the mystical path with modern worldly feet. 

The goal of the Path of the Rose is to bring ancient teachings into usable forms that will serve your life in a constructive way. 

By shinning Her Light into your Heart, you have a chance once again to find the wisdom, power and majesty you once embraced. 

By awakening the Inner Priestess, you will find deep healing and self-love.

it is now time to be the Rose in Society – Beautiful Blooming and Free.

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