Divine Mother’s Melting Heart

I decided to teach my son about The Sacred Blood 🩸. I could feel myself getting nervous, nervous because the teachings of the blood can make an incredible impact on my boy who is entering teen this year & in turn on the next generations to come.
I get sweaty palms before I speak to him, because I know I’m about to enter the arena, where I have a chance to create a safe space that can lead to the transformation of man-kind.

This boy holds the power to create a humanity that eventually would find its awareness in his heart space.

Guiding him through the difference between:

🌿the ever changing thoughts in human minds


🌿the heart’s knowing – a more rooted, intuitive kind of intelligence.


🌿the Mystery of Sacred Blood – why girl bleed, what’s that means and why mummy gifting Hers to Gaia.


🌿the closing with deep conscious breathing.

There are breathtaking moments when I can see a deep release, a full breath on exhaling that releases tension from the body.

A gently tumbling of a wall that was protecting the heart, a dusting off of past emotions that no longer hold a saying over his heart’s true desire.
Our heart centre is a place that allows us to feel secure and full of love, with a clean open heart we can love everything and everyone around us more deeply.

We can embody more love, in a natural & profound way, and we can learn to live with less fear and anxiety.

Emotions often reside in our heart centre & our emotions lead us through our lives in a truly profound way.

So, to teach Heart versus Head intelligence is to teach the fundamentals to a thriving, self – love, forgiving, honouring our body and loving world.

Looking at my son, I know that I am living The Way of Mary Magdalene’s Love🌿

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