Out From The Earth Womb

When you begin your spiritual quest, you are on the path. We search around for things that have meaning and depth. We search and find those who we think have the knowledge. We look at gurus and spiritual leaders as if they hold some kind of divinity we do not have. So we conform to those teaching which may cause more illusions within us.

We do the yoga because that’s suppose to open us to self and create unity within. We follow the gurus and spiritual teachers because what they say we think we must be or do. Because somewhere in there you feel lost and confused on how to channel your own light, to recognise how divinely perfect you are.

My path has been an interesting one. The year I began my quest was in 2019 after I had my third baby after 10 years!! I felt at my lowest point.

I called on God, please help me I don’t want to feel like this anymore. It was 3 am in my bed, with my baby.I started my life coaching business a year ago and I am so grateful I met the right mentor Jessica Palmer from Coaching Lab Academy (CLA).

I was skeptical and not sure what to expect! But i still joined as I felt the alignment.Hey, I work in the big corporate company and supported Executives and had self – startup style for Professional Women Club and I was showered by many gifts and free food in the 5 star ⭐️ restaurants. I love my social life and called myself a Social Butterfly 🦋.Until I joined CLA, I had so many blocks and stuck energy and not to mention my ego. I had to unlearn and reparent myself. Now fast forward, everything was in flow when I turned inward. Things starting to shift, shift FAST!

Thanks to Katie V Danelle Moriarty for mentoring Quantum Healings and I created new timelines and realities. I anchored many divine and ancient codes and templates to my light body.We are all multidimensional.This year, I was initiated into Alchemical Priestess and embody divine feminine archetypes to transmute my shadow to light and deeper layer each time. Learning energy work and dance in Akashic Field and really feel embody The Goddess Codes for a mission. Deep in my DNA 🧬.Deep in my womb.

I had a dream. For those who knows me well, I don’t dream a lot but if I dream,it always a short one. I dreamt that I was pregnant and I seriously jumped off the bed! NO WAY! I just had a baby 2 yrs ago!

I realised that it is the sign giving birth to my new baby, new project! I took a sacred pause for retreat this month, to empty out. I created more space for integration and embodiment.I quietly nurture my body for this birth and for rebirth.

Although it is a PAUSE but my spiritual guides do not rest. I saw many signs and synchronicities:

Whales 🐋 – I seem really one, random movies and kids cartoon and hear the music of whales. I have many remembrance.

Flower of Life – I was at the petrol pump and stepped onto a piece of metal where the petrol truck pump the oil down to the petrol storage and I stepped away and saw the Flower of Life sign on the pump cover!

Dandelion – I was walking in the park one morning and saw a dandelion ( it is winter and not sure why I am seeing dandelion in the walk path! And I saw Flower of Life sacred geometry sign too!

My Green Gaia Dragon 🐉 Bonsai.

I know these are all the codes that I received during a sacred pause time. I know all of these saying I am on the right path, keep going. Just trust.

Sometimes I doubt myself often because what I do through my Self – Mastery work doesn’t look like your standard course. I don’t have the glamorous marketing and I can be staring at your behind the door but I know what you need and I know how I could help you.

In fact, my client says you should share with people as a lot of people will need your help!The sacred pause creates space within me for integration and embodiment.I sit in stillness to receive most mornings and at nights. I deleted my social media apps and even my phone feels so much space. I did not attend any programs neither sister circles or do any replays. Thanks to Amanda Elle Vandersteen, Lisa Erickson, Anita Loveriche, Katrina Koltes, Emer Quintero, Diana DuBrow, Sophie Taua’i, My Rosa Mystica sisters, Aurora Farber & ETM sisters and Sisterhood of the Rose, for holding the space for me. I deeply felt!

I am excited to meet my new baby -> my NEW OFFERINGS 🥁🥁🥁


I trust who joins my group is who is meant to be there. They are divinely sent from team of guides that work with me.I follow no rules when it comes to my own connection to spirituality. Because, they show me the way!When I guide women on the same path, I walk with them I’m not the teacher. I don’t step outside of them, I’m right in it with them. I get many visions and guidance that I find sometimes impossible to put into English or this earthly dimension.

In the Sacred Paused, it comes to my awareness that my Soul skills are Visual Story Telling and VisionArt.

I shared with couple of sisters and they feel many angelic codes, goddess codes in there.

I started to see Light Codes and this energy always very intense as I need to manage my energy flow as per my guided. I journey cyclical path and not linear. I deeply aware my energy flow now and the more I aware, the better my body holding the space for myself so I can hold space for the women that walk with me as well.

Radical Self Love is The Key 🔑! As simple as it sounds, right? 🤣

My daily life is being a mama , a corporate woman, a wife, a sister and a daughter weaving through many dimensions to ground the codes for the work I do. My point being after this big long story is that many are now realising that they are the Path.

Life is The Initiation Path.

They are the ones who have the knowledge.

The key (another key) is you trusting yourself. Trust the many lives that you have walked before this one. Trust the wisdom that lives and breathes within every cell of your body.

You will also get many lessons to integrate as you evolve more into who you truly are. Everything is inside you. Together we collaborate and weave together the key (3rd key) codes we hold inside.

Drop into the knowing and deep listen within.The Ancient ones are here … let yourself be known.



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