Conversation with Green Tara

I knew this new friend and she called me “Soul Sister” in one of the Quantum Healing programs and she had a lot of shift especially her relationship with the ex-bf and his family. She then moved out of their place to a place near to me. I was very happy finally I have someone that I know virtually staying nearby and I could visit her and hang out with her.

She moved to a small studio and only has buses transportation and we had met three times and I also offered to have lunch to another place and I offered to pick her up and drop off.

But due to the Podcast Collaboration, I had to reschedule a lunch date with her. I could feel that she was disappointed and I offered to shout her meal.

Last week, I have to reschedule another lunch date with her again because my car broke down and the repairer said they need to order the parts from other state. I will need to put my car there for a few days.

She was unhappy. She said she understood about the car but she was not happy with the rescheduling of the lunch date over the podcast. I was like wow that was two months ago!

She also said that she would never do that to her friends because she is integrity.

I paused. I breathe.

I asked myself – did I get trigger by this behaviour or txt (she texted me) I said no. But I feel slightly uneasy and I replied kindly “Have a great day”.

I was sitting on my couch tonight was reading Green Tara Home Work Writing Ritual. Green Tara appeared sitting in my couch.

Green Tara: “Who Hurt You”?

Me: My friend JG hurt me. (immediate the word hurt feel so right in my body, YES I am hurt!)

Green Tara: ” Why did it hurt”?

Me: It hurt because I am trying to help her as she has no one nearby her and she also just moved out of the relationship and I feel I need to be there with me as she called me “soul sister”. I also feel we could chat as we have a similar cultural background. I also don’t mind to pay for her meal because I feel guilty because of changing the lunch date. I also feel that I need to look after her (I am 10 yrs older than her).

Green Tara: ” Can you feel the pain of that wound and travel deeper”?

Me: I had deep thinking and slowly a wounding arose within me. I could not believe it is that!

I replied: Yes, I can feel the wound and the pain now – People Pleaser! I break my values for others and feel regrets.


I am laying down my people pleaser and reconcile with my divinity.

I let go of people-pleasing through the ego’s demands of limited understanding and reestablish trust in my higher self, who is always guiding me back to my innocence.

Your Innocence is The Guide and Guardian – pg 139 The Sophia Code

After Class 3 of Stargate 1 transmission, I awaken and I am healed.



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