What is Lemurian Seed Crystal?

image: my Lemurian Seed Crystal
Lemurian seed crystals strongly channel the divine feminine and source energy and are very powerful tools for lightworkers, earth keepers and healers.

As opposed to other crystals which can be imprinted with intention, Lemurian seed crystals have already been programmed to hold ancient wisdom of the Lemurian/Mu civilisations. Lemuria located in the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii, Rapa Nui and New Zealand and was on the opposite side of Earth, to Atlantis, which also existed in the later days of Lemuria. Some Lemurians migrated to Atlantis, which was located in the region of the Canary Islands in the northern hemisphere. At the fall of Atlantis, some people kept migrating to the east, to Kem – known today as Egypt. 

Above was my Lemurian Seed Crytal that I use for channeling and meditation. Sometimes I use it for grounding. A fabulous companion to accompany you on your healing journey.

This crystal has several windows acting as portals to the past and future in which to access healing energy and work with timelines. It also has a very unique beautiful circular pattern inside the crystal. This is not a crack or break. It is a natural formation!  

It has strong striations – Lemurian activations lines. This is a Lemurian Seed crystal with frosty snow white very fine coating on the outside giving a feminine softness which is the energy of Lemuria. It is a very feminine Crystal. This frosty-ness is what characterises Lemurians along with the horizontal stepped striations apart from normal clear quartz.

This crystal has been cleansed and charged in the crystal clear ocean waters of the east coast of Australia where dolphins and turtles swim regularly. The east coast of Australia has links back to the original landmass once known as Lemuria and the crystals are not truly activated until they return to their ocean homes as these are water element crystals, their energy travels through the water like liquid crystals and they sing for joy in this environment. Their original blueprint is activated once they return to the ocean and it can be felt for miles as their crystalline light codes travel through the ocean.

This Lemurian Clear Quartz Crystal Point is completely raw and unpolished meaning it will contain all the original markings and Lemurian lines which are highly desirable for healers and crystal lovers alike. 

They strongly channel the divine feminine and one-ness energy and are very powerful for use from the heart chakra upwards to the soul star chakra. Lemurian Quartz is a type of clear quartz that is only found in a couple of locations around the world namely the Serra Do Cabral Mountains of the Minas Gerais in Brazil and is therefore in limited supply. They were first discovered in 1999 and quickly became highly-priced by healers for their unique healing energy, teachings and messages of Lemuria.

The weight of the crystal above is 659g, height 13cm, width 7 cm. It is a AA grade clear Lemurian crystal. It is a raw natural unpolished – very important for Lemurians as all the activating teachings and codings are in the outside features- the horizontal lines/striations. It is from the original source of Lemurian Quartz crystal mines – Serra Do Cabral Mountains Minas Gerais Brazil. The true Lemurian Seed Crystal – deeply etched with horizontal Lemurian lines on all sides (these contain the coding and teachings of the light vibrations of Lemuria. Like all Brazilian Lemurians, it has a frosty look to the outside which gives it its soft gentle energy and the inside is absolutely water-clear giving its very high vibrational energy.

Many Lemurian crystals on the market are polished due to inevitable mining damage so it’s quite difficult to find Lemurians in raw condition without any chips or scuffs. I prefer to buy them raw, natural and unpolished to maintain their maximum power and healing benefits. 

As opposed to Quartz that you program, Lemurian Quartz Crystals are to be activated.

Lemurian Seed Quartz always contains horizontal striations or steps that run down the side of some of the faces. If every side it is said to be Lemurian Seed Crystal.

As you meditate, rub your finger along the striations on the side of a Lemurian Quartz Crystal to activate and download Lemurian knowledge. These unique markings contain the secrets of the Lemurian vibration and teachings “all for one and all for love.” which is one-ness, true community, divine feminine love. It is thought that Lemuria was a 5th-dimensional civilisation that existed on earth at the time of Atlantis that was founded around pure love and oneness, in true community. 

Crystal lore has it that the Lemurian Seed crystals were programmed with all the teachings and energy of the Lemuria and would be uncovered at the right time when the world needed to remember this vibration the most. It is thought that this energy is flooding onto the planet as many people are waking up, remembering and lifting their vibration to match the frequencies of unconditional love and true community. (One of them is me! I will be sharing the waking up and remembering soon.)

They contain powerful feminine blessings that will bring healing to your life. This crystal is an excellent amplifier that will raise your vibrations, as well as improve your inner vision. Moreover, Lemurian Seed Crystal’s vibrations will allow you to tap directly into the divine realms and establish a clear connection to your guardian angels and spirit guides. If you allow, there will be many teachings and understandings from the divine feminine to be received through meditating with this special crystal.

All crystals are at least charged under the full moon and smudged with sage and eucalyptus smoke. 

For me, I don’t clean these crystal-like others because I believe crystals especially Lemurian Seed Crystal can cleanse by using your energy. Therefore, we are always in the energy cleansing or purify our vessel so when we hold or touch this crystal, it will just tune to your energy field and it will do its job as per your own path. Listen to your inner guidance and purify your vessel.

How Do You Use Lemurian Seed Crystal?

Lemurian Seed Quartz always contains horizontal striations or steps that run down the sides. If every side it is said to be Lemurian Seed Crystal. As you meditate, rub your finger along the striations on the side of a Lemurian Quartz Crystal to activate and download Lemurian knowledge. These unique markings contain the secrets of the Lemurian vibration and teachings which hold the wisdom of oneness, true community, and divine feminine love. 

There are many thoughts and opinions about Lemurian (seed) Crystals. Dr Amber Wolf PHD went directly to the Pleiadian Star Mothers. Here is their response:

“Dear Shining Ones,
As your geology tells you, the strata of your planet have been through multiple sifts and upheavals over the millennia of its existence. One result of this is that from eon to eon the crystalline beds are rearranged; either they are below ground or above where they are the recipients of dirt, dust, water, vegetation, but most importantly VIBRATIONS.
When we came to your planet (over 100,000 years ago) those beds were exposed and received the vibration of the new consciousness of Spirituality that we brought for humanity. The consciousness and vibration still remain, (though many of the crystal beds are now below the surface) stored in the crystalline grid of your planet. These crystal beds have been hibernating, just like your Pleiadian/Lemurian Akash and DNA, waiting for a time, THIS TIME, to reawaken. You carry the connection to that reawakening within you. You recognize the vibrations of higher consciousness stored in the crystalline grid… no wonder you are so attracted to crystals!

Now, find the crystals that you resonate with, ‘mine’ the information within them, and ‘program’ them to work and play with you in the field of all potentials. You are the Starseeds, the powerful creators of a new reality. Use the gifts of your Lemurian Akash to empower your lives, and live as the Divine Humans that you are.
We love you, as our Children, and always stand beside you, living within you as the light.”

Your Pleiadian Star Mothers.

I hope now you have a little bit of ideas what is Lemurian Crystals and how you can work with them.

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