I received couple of Facebook messages this morning, what do I do for today 8:8 Lion’s Gate.

I will be in my prayer,

I will be in my stillness,

I will be in my pj (🤣 yeah I do at night when everyone in bed!)

I will do my rituals and in the ceremony with my guides.

I asked if they are interested to join me?

All of them say yes!

Ok, how am I going to do this with my toddler and in my pj?

Straightaway I have all the downloads and dang dang…… manifested straight away!I created a Healing Prayer Circle and will reside in Telegram 💫Healing Prayer Circle + Light Language💫

I will be doing Lion’s Gate Healing Prayer Circle.

I will record what I do and post it in Telegram.

You will listen from your own suitable time.

No zoom call. Just listen. Just be. It is all about Self – Mastery and you are in the Casting of Prayer Circle ⭕️.

You will need to craft your own time to receive the healing.

If you want to heal, want to be held, want to be supported, click the link to join.

SERIES ONE: Healing Prayers Circle + Light Language Healing Transmission
SERIES TWO: Healing Prayers Circle + DNA Activation
SERIES THREE: Healing Prayers Circle + Meditation to receive Egyptian Codes and Activation

The recording is already in the Telegram.

I am so honour to be able to serve you at this special time.

Come and Join me on Telegram:

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