Mother Mary Ascension Day 15th August

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is my very first Ascended Master or Spiritual Guide. She has mentored me in my spiritual path.

When I was little, I asked my parents why our church did not have any female god.

When I was married to Catholic husband, I converted to Catholic and I asked the question, why the church does not teach Mother Mary Gospel and her story.

I dived in more to Female Christ Consciousness after I awakened and I realised that because of patriarchy system in the society has shaped the world more masculine, wounded masculine.

Since then, I was initiated to Feminine Christ Consciousness inner work. They have healed me.

Mother Mary’s Presence extends into the far reaches of countless souls on Earth through different religions and spiritual paths with her shape-shifting nature, benevolence, grace, dedication, courage and wisdom.

Mother Mary transformed her earthly body into light. On that day thousands were healed as she rose into the heavenly realms. If you are in your prayer, ask for healing and blessing from her and for your loved ones.

Have you worked with any Feminine Christ Consciousness?

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