I am celebrating Ostara – The Wheel of The Year in the Southern Hemisphere.  It is the Spring Equinox celebration of equal day and equal night.  A major sabbat to celebrate renewal and rebirth along with the Fertility of Spring.

I created a womb mandala for my altar using Spring Flowers and Sprouting Bulbs, Clear Quartz and Candles.

I lit the candles and imagine the white flame serpent spirals from my crystalline diamond womb bowl to the crystalline pillar of light up to my central channels to my crystalline diamond heart. 

Both Heart and Womb are palpitating and pulsating.

Can you feel it?

I also anoint my womb, my root, my sacral and my heart using Intimacy OIl.  It is intoxication! My body starting to move life the white serpent, dancing and moving gently.  My chakras are all opening to receive the divine frequency to fill up the healing light of these candles….


It is also the Full Moon in this Spring Equinox as I am shredding and releasing the old energies to renew and rebirth.  

I release old earth energies, old timelines, beliefs, density in the body, mind, thought pattern, all stagnant, uncomplimentary distortions, limiting energies, systems.  I breathe and release. I surrender all fear, doubt, struggle, lack and limitation, clearing all distortions so that the full radiance of the Divine may step forth. 

I bring in Freedom Codes, Organic Ascension Codes. Overwriting, overriding all realms into peace, harmony, abundance, health, ascension.  I send forth light codes, light language, crystalline plasma, heart rays. I recode my realities for Divine Presence, Quantum free will, New Earth Now. 

I now restore my Life Force, alignment, heart coherence and freedom. I align the internal gateways with the external stargates of Ascension.  The Source has shown me that “I stand at the Gateway that signifies my soul’s journey and destiny through this rite of Passage, knowing that I Am the Light”. – Diana Dubrow 

So it is. 

I saw this very cute rabbit in the park over the weekend.  I sat with it.  I looked Her ( not sure why I feel it was her) and she said.  

“I am You, You are Me”

.Right! 🙂

Rabbits are strongly associated with spring. 


Many cultures have stories about the rabbit that is visible on the moon. In some of them, the rabbit is pounding a mortar and pestle or accompanied by a log. In China, rabbit is associated with the moon, and is one of the twelve astrological signs. The Chinese Moon Goddess Chang’e has a rabbit companion who pounds the life force for her in its pestle. The Moon Rabbit is involved in many Chinese folktales, including one where it saved Beijing from plague. Many other Asian countries have stories of the Moon Rabbit.  It is also a Moon Festival in Chinese Calender. 


The rabbit totem can also represent a more symbolic fertility of ideas. It may come into your life to encourage you to act on your ideas or plans. 

The rabbit totem can also appear as a reminder to avoid neglecting your creative side. If you have let creative projects lapse, it may be time to pick them back up again or find a new one.


Here is Ostara Song that I would like to share, sang by Flora Ware, Priestess Sister: https://open.spotify.com/track/1p0V7FIOZUlBIdoI3Z1rvz?si=19e5de9a2e3b4f9c

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