The Road From The Tomb Cave To Peace

Beautiful Souls,

Part of me is nervous to do this but I AM going to do it anyway.

I AM going to talk about COVID and DEATH today.

We have been locked down several months and now we are opening up tomorrow 11.10.2021. This is not the first down we locked down after COVID but this year I felt into the intensity. I have seen cause to so much fear, pain and unsettled. I also have seen this subject drop whole groups of people into a lower vibration within seconds. I felt into this lower vibration and dense energy daily.

I confess that I am the person who against this vaccination. I fight because felt the discrimination. I felt we as HUman, we have no choice even I felt into the family and friends separation.

I have put off writing about this many times because of it.

Today I want to share it with you.

Why? Why now?

Mainly because today is 10:10 Power Day. I am feeling the expansion of heart and my crown and feeling the golden SUN ray pouring from my Soul Start to my Earth Star and the Phoenix Rising intensely from my Sacral Chakra. This is happening across the globe.

Some of you will know that I recently had COVID – like Symptoms and I witnessed my hands and feet have gone pale and dark purple colour. I felt my body system disconnection. I was sitting in the emergency and told them I did COVID test but still waiting for my results made me to a panic mode and they came back saying I may have sepsis.

And, that is a life – threating sickness, worse than COVID!

I was alone in the emergency with my wool blanket (in SpringTime) and my daughter packed a bag for me with toothbrush and my favourite face wash.

I sat there feeling very lonely and very scare.


I cried that my children are still very small.

I cried that I have not yet started my mission to served Gaia and the planet. I am still learning to be a Divine HUman.

I felt that I was descending to the tomb cave and sitting within the core of the Earth and it was total darkness but I could hear some voice but more to the energy frequency soundwave.. huuuuuu …. huuuuuu…huuuuu…

I had to message my overseas client that I had to cancel my new program open ceremony which was only the next day. She was very nice and understood. She also gifted me a Reiki Healing while I was waiting in the emergency. I am feeling so grateful and I felt great in my whole body and I had a mini – sleep that made me calm my monkey mind.

My family and my soul sisters lit up candles for me and healing prayer. I felt into the healing love energy and oneness.

I was admitted to the hospital after they found out I had bacteria in my blood. If I came in a day late, it will be life threatening.

At night, it was quiet in the ward as I was still sitting on the hospital bed, holding my womb space because I felt into the soreness inside. I did not ring the bell because I know the nurse will give me two panadols for pain killer. Lying down on the bed, holding my womb and gently move my whole body on the bed because of the pain.

Mother Mary, are you there?

She appeared. I saw her very vividly. She held two of her palm up and a white light shine through my womb space and the sore and pain stopped immediately and I fell asleep straight away.

I woke up the next day – “Is that REAL”?

The healing feeling in my womb space is still there and my whole body felt calm and ease. My body feeling will be lie to me. The human feeling is always “recorded” in our body and in our DNA.

I thanked Mother Mary for answering my call and for healing my womb space.

Throughout the day, I felt very frustrated as I was basically the most normal person in the hospital and they decided to transfer me to private hospital as they need my bed. I spoke with my doctor and he gave me the go-home option but I will need to do several tests outside the hospital and in the care of my GP. I was over the moon.

I went home and looked at the mirror. I told myself, you looked like a dead person.

Why me? Why me?

My higher – self came through and said ” This happened FOR you and not TO you, Lilian”.

I had a shower on the day and I saw the word PEACE in third eye. I slept so peacefully on that day.

I woke up the next day, I felt anew.

I felt the detachment.

I felt the divine neutrality.

I felt so light.

I took the whole week of work for recovery and reset.

There were many incredible moments over days and weeks but this wake-up-anew feeling that made me want to share the experience.

Our ascension is about learning not to fight. By not fighting, we can fow. And his message taught me how. It changed was lie it gave me a new option – one that has taught me about peaceful power. And now, I am learning to apply this wisdom o many different challenges in my life. I also applied this wisdom to the symptoms too, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. When I met the symptoms with equal force, I felt them ease, then harmonise then detachment in my system.

I had all the tests came back showing I am one healthy person and even the bacteria also dissolved as well.

I personally approached this illness with a shadow perspective. I like to feel into the potential of something expressing and purging through the symptoms.

I have been initiated to go through from the death gateway to rebirth. Once the illness left my system, I felt like so much had been cleared out of me – the old wounds, old ego pattern, old vibrations. It was, for me, a very powerful ascension process. It is one of the most powerful and biggest process and experience that taught me is that anything can serve our ascension if we meet divine conversion and with love.

I believe that the entire experience was so powerful because I was sharing with my priestess sisters from Priestess Presence and my shamanic womb teacher from Sacred Women School.

This death to rebirth – The Road from Tomb Cave to Peace experience reinforced a pearl of wisdom that I imagine I will be given over and over again the rest of my life.

I received Womb Clearing, Womb Re-Programing and Womb Activation teachings with Malieokalani Urrutia, Community Guide, Teacher from Sacred Women School.

In my third eye, I saw the black stick muddy discharged from my yoni and I saw my Maternal Indigenous Grandmother was there holding the mud and she gave back to the gaia. I It came to my realisation that this is the clearing of the Ancestral Trauma, Atlantis Fall ( I was deeply connected to Atlantis Civilisation before all of these happened and I traveled to the past life) and connect to the Planetary Trauma, Patriarchy Society, wounded feminine and wounded masculine and what’s happening the world right now.

I am clearing for my past, my present and my future. (my higher self said this is happened FOR me and now it made so much sense)

My heart opens without any entanglements, without judgement, without ego, without ego, without polarity and duality. I aware that Divine Neutrality has grown within me to assist with the process. It is like Crystalline Stargate of The Heart – Womb allows the pure source of consciousness to come through.


It is the Divine Love that made an ordinarily frightening experience into something so beautiful and loving instead – just because we shared it with each other.

My heart opens without any entanglements, without judgement, without ego, without ego, without polarity and duality.

It is like Crystalline Stargate of The Heart – Womb allows the pure source of consciousness to come through.

I am not avoiding

I am not walking away

I am not dissociated

I make a better choice in the higher Light Intelligent

I make a better choice in my heart coherence state of being

I am no longer seeking the what, the how

I am no longer seeking to fix from external.

I do not sway away from subconscious fears, agendas by not rejecting them,

I am not against anything.

I am feeling so grounded and fully appreciate my role of being Divine HUman on Earth because it is the most exciting and beautiful way to serve!

I know this is not the experience that everyone has, or has had with COVID or similar illness. But, I am sharing this because the wisdom I got from go beyond the virus and the pandemic.

I also cleared my long ignore garden with my son. We agree to get some outdoor furnight for the garden as it is Spring and Summer here now. We also agree to put a crystal grid around the house at the garden.

I personally was called strongly to plant medicine and chinese medicine. I was surrounded by Shamanic Sisters who have plenty of these experience which I could reach out easily.

It reaffirmed to me how important the divine conversation is with any process of healing.


When you are living through the death and rebirth of the world as you know it, remember there is a way. That is your way. Use your connection use your third eye, heart and womb and use your divine conversation to find your way through.

For me, there is something deeply significant about today that I am writing this LONG blog and feeling into Phoenix Rising energy and self – mastery process.

I recently discovered that the Magician is one of my main archetypes.  

Claiming this archetype more in my life has opened up more magic and synchronicity in my life. I am hosting a Death to Rebirth: The Road to Tomb Cave to Peace Webinar on 22.10.2021 11:11am AEDT (Sydney Time).

To Register, you can fill in the form here. You will also receive the replay.

I have been working with Grandmother Anna (Yeshua’s grandmother) energy, the wise woman and she presented herself with long white hair and white rob which I was preparing my opening ceremony meditation.

Vesica Piscis, Sacred Union Sacred Geometry has also shown up last couple of days and I brought this wisdom to my new program Cosmic Feminine Circle. It has started but it is still could enrol to this program. It is the rite of passage journey into more mastery of Divine Feminine with me and The Christ Consciousness Council.

I am currently planning to host a Virtual Retreat – Womb Wisdom in January 11, 2022 (oh, it is Angel Number of 111, 222. I just realised now!). And, I would love to see you in the retreat. Here is the Virtual Womb Wisdom Retreat Express of Interest form and I will connect with you closer to the date.

I am also open for a chat if you are experience Death and Rebirth. I love to hear your story.

You can book a chat with me. We do not have to do this alone. I am here to hold space for you.

If you interested to connect with me and know my work. you can go to Priestess of The Light. Join my Earth Star School here!

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