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The Immaculate Heart symbolises Divine Purity, Divine Desire, Divine Love, Divine Truth, Divine Wisdom, Divine Light and Divine Human Being that you all are.


A 10-Month Online Divine Journey Initiation through the frequencies & wisdom teaching and is overseen by The Council of Light who support you to purify your heart, mind, body and soul so you can awaken your Purity of Essence, Create a Deep Soul Relationship, Awaken your Feminine & Masculine Christ codes within so that you can accelerate into the realms of Consciousness Mastery, Awakening of your Sacred Feminine Heart and Spark of Divinity within you.

You will be initiated… because Life is The Initiation.

This 10 Month Mystery Initiation Path is direct embodiment practices to receive the faces of the Council of Light. The Council of Light is a team of ascended masters, light beings, angels, and guides devoted to the rising of Earth and all humanity. 

Consciously choosing the path of your Self-Mastery “Know Thyself” is a journey of embracing the complete spectrum of your wholeness, actualising your full potential for Greatness and enjoying a meaningful life in communion with Source. 

As such, there is no “teaching,” but rather a deep and profound remembrance, catalysed by being within a skillfully held alchemical crucible.

You will open your vessel wider — and clearer — to receive The Council of Light unconditional love energy.

Through an alchemical process and direct embodiment, you will transform shadow into light; fear into Love; lead into gold.

This Mystery asks that you enter the Unknown — through your inner knowing — and anchor your Soul skills and training. The divine remembrance moves you from AWAKENING the 11 faces of the Divine Feminine archetypes to EMBODYING them, unlocking the sacred technology and sacred keycodes of what it means to walk as THE WAY – SHOWER in your daily life.

The initiation is to become a vessel of coherent and resonant unconditional Love.

Do you feel called to immerse and deeply commit to Her alchemy?


Imagine you are walking into the temple gate and I am greeting you with
deep remembrance, recognition, and in a wide, open-hearted embrace. See
yourself arriving here with all the other sisters from across the planet.

We will open ceremony to welcome you and ground our mind, body and soul.


The White Rose symbolises Divine Purity and is overseen by Ascended Master Mother Mary.

Ascended Master Mother Mary

She supports you to purify your heart, mind, body and soul so that you can awaken your Purity of Essence and spark of Divinity Purity within you. She supports the cleansing and healing of your Ancestral and family wounding, so that you can release deep-seated wounding, restore your Inner Feminine Light and find your inner peace. She raises your vibration to the frequency of harmony, peace & tranquility.

During this energy transmission, Divine Mother Invocation, Crystal Gridding Activations & Rituals devotion supporting you to:

♥ Open, Heal and Retemplate your heart as the Earth Grid changes that are being initiated by our ascension process

♥  Heal and release Ancestral and family wounding

♥  Purify and cleanse your mind, body & soul

♥  Restore your vibration to your Divine Inner Innocence and Inner Purity.

♥  Transmute and release unresolved emotional blocks so that you can receive Divine Mother’s Love, Self-Love practices and establish Heart based relationships in your life.

♥  Establish a deeper relationship with your Feminine within. Practicing forgiveness, understanding, love and compassion for wounded Feminine, Mother & Divine Mother aspects

♥  Break through the barriers of the Heart so that you can birth Divine Love, Compassion, Peace, Harmony and Joy within your being.

♥ Become masterful in the art of body blessing and awaken your Purity of Essence.


The Children of The Light is supported by Sarah Tamar (daughter of Mary Magdalene & Jesus Christ) to awaken your Crystalline Heart.

Ascended Master Sarah Tamar
(Daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua)
image from

Sarah supports you to birth within your Inner Child’s heart. She supports to awaken the Divine Purity, Innocence and Gifted aspects of your Inner Child so that you can restore Her Light, Divinity & Spiritual Power.

Through her presence, you are supported to create Divine Union within the heart of your Inner Child so that she can o and radiate the Divine Christ Child and birth Her Gifts into the world.

During this energy transmission, Crystal Child Invocation, Crystal Gridding Activations & you are supported to awaken your Crystalline Heart and embody your Crystal Child self.

Crystal Children embody our new and more enlightened chapter of spiritual evolution. You will know the characteristic of Crystal Children, Crystal (Star) Children, Crystal (Indigo) Children and how you can support your Crystal Children.

You will receive Children of The Light Template Healing Activations and the Crystal Grids are full-body activations that support healing the deepest aspects of the Soul.

Spiral 4: The Magdalene Rose Code

The Magdalene Rose Code Energy Transmission is supported by Ascended Master Mary Magdalene & Yeshua.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene
Image from Pinterest
Yeshua / Jesus Christ
Image from Pinterest

Within this transmission, you are supported to awaken your Holy Grail which is the Feminine Christ Light that resides within your Womb space.

You will receive Feminine Christ Light, Womb Healing, Womb Activations Template & Sacred Feminine Christ Essence and Sacred Technologies supporting you to:

♥ Deeply cleanse your Womb & Feminine Core to awaken more Creativity, Passion & Sexual Awakening in your life

♥ Unify your Sacred Inner Union

♥ Heal your deep Feminine & Masculine Wounding & Disempowerment from Inner Child, Ex-Relationships & Past Experiences

♥ Release old relationship cords and attachments so that you can liberate your Sacred Inner Wild Feminine Essence

♥ Awaken your Feminine & Masculine Christ codes within so that you can accelerate into the realms of Spiritual Mastery, Sacred Sexual Union & awakening of your Sacred Feminine Heart

♥ Awaken Feminine Christ Light that resides within your Womb Space.

The Red Rose symbolises Divine Desire and The Orchid is associated with fertility, masculinity and sexuality and is overseen by Ascended Master Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

The Womb Weaver is supported by Sacred Feminine Essence, Sacred Technologies and The Three Marys. The Womb Weaver Template will be sealed by a Sacred Geometry and protected by an Archangel.

In The Magdalene Rose Code Temple Ceremony all energy transmissions, inner work and activations will come into union within your heart, Mothers Earth’s Womb and the Cosmic Womb of all Creation. We will seal the energy to ensure Sacred Union is templated within your core being. To close this Sacred Journey, we will honour the Ascended Masters that supported us and Archangel & Ancestors’s protection on your Heart – Womb journey of The Magdalene Rose Code.

The Womb Weaver Template


Kuan Yin is an Universal Mother, Goddess of Compassion.

Our connection with the Universal Mother and our trust in her wisdom supports us on our path as a healer (an energy healer, therapist, bodyworker, teacher with heart parent with awareness, one who wants the world to be a better place, etc) and ot do our best work ( which is actually her work)

You will learn the sacred protections of Kuan Yin and different forms of Kuan Yin.

You will also learn Kuan Yin Crystal Practice, Mudra and Mantra.

I will take you to the journey to The Kuan Yin Chinese Garden and where you can access your frequency as well as explore & go deeper with Ascended Master Kuan Yin Consciousness.


Are you ready to discover your inner Wild Woman and to step into your Female Medicine Shamanka? To fully own your natural healing gifts, find your most grounded joy and support others in a time of great transformation?

Woman who runs with the wolves is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women.

The path of the female shamanism and mystery practices is making its way back into our collective awareness so that we can balance our spiritual systems with a profoundly feminine approach- one that is rooted in the body in our connection to nature and our wildest intuitions and instincts.

Each woman has a wild nature, a reservoir of resources that lie dormant and are waiting to awaken.

Being a Wild Woman means being true to what your heart and your womb call you to be.

She knows in her bones that wildness is our natural state- a pulse that rushes the blood through our veins and carries the wise whispers of our ancestors and guides.

This woman is highly disruptive.

She does not bow down to any authority apart from her own inner guidance, and she refuses to amputate any part of herself.

She is charged with fierce, deep love, feeling every cell of her body bursting with a sensuality that is primal and filled with joy.

And she lives inside you. Knocking on your inner door, never leaving you.

Many of us have forgotten about her, but in our heart’s deepest chamber we can hear her call.

Are you ready to discover your own Wild Woman?


The Elemental Kingdom symbolises Divine Creation is waiting to birth through you and is overseen by Faery Kingdom, Element of Earth (Gaia), Fire, Water and Air.

Let’s explore with “your” Faery Kingdom and we will use this space to connect to The Fairy and let Her write through you.

There will be the light and shadow qualities and how are you being called to embody this quality more deeply and bring shadow to light of your loving consciousness.


Grandmother Spider is a mother to human kind, protecting and nurturing us, guiding us along our paths with her magick.

“The spider woman is the wisdom keeper, the grandmother figure, the female figure. When I wanted to get out from my illness, there was a spider woman in my mind who spoke to me, and she became my strength and my courage to pull me out,” said Hopi artist Michael Kabotie.

You will establish a connection with Grandmother Spider. You will receive a practical workbook that has worked for me and or others in building a relationship with the Spider Woman.


Experience the power of Kurnell, heal your solar plexus

In this Journey, You’ll

Heal your Solar Plexus & Sacral Chakras

Support your empowerment journey

Connect to Kurnell

Work with your Ancestors & Star Lineage

Support the activation of the Crystalline grid





This is what it means to remember.

Come…come… come to my inner temple.

Take my hand, sister.

I will tell you more …

Take a moment to breathe this in, beloved sister.

Breathe in this seashore

Breathe in the water.

Are you ready?

Come. Take up your compass and your staff.

And let us explore these lands… these Lost Lands, together.

Experience the Opening of the Heart
ONLINE via Zoom

In the ceremony, You’ll learn what it feels like to have your Heart open & be at Peace,

As part of this ceremony, you will…

♥ Learn how to order & prepare your sacred Cacao drink for our time together with integrity & honoring of the traditions from which it comes.

♥ Receive heart healing & opening, and messages, intuitions & guidance coming from working with this plant ally.

♥ Learn more about the benefits of Cacao as a superfood.

The experience of ceremonial Cacao creates a body memory of loving kindness & well-being that you can replicate at will any time, whether you are partaking of Cacao or not.

Once you decide to join Immaculate Heart, your cacao is part of the sacred gifts and will send to your door.

The cacao that I source is from New Zealand and it is pure cacao with high vibration.


The Vibrational Elixir is personalised individual blend for soul support, remedy fir the 21st Century – The Aquarian Age. This will support Heart opening.
Collaboration with Empress Sorority
New Zealand.
This Sacred Holy is specially created for Immaculate Heart, for Heart – Womb Anointing.
Collaboration with Empress Sorority
New Zealand.
  These Crystal Grids are FULL body activations which support to heal the deepest aspects of Soul. They are downloaded, channeled, designed and created by me for Immaculate Heart.

To absorb and embody the alchemical vibrations of The Council of Light within your body and consciousness.
Receive Womb Blessings from The Three Marys in support of cleansing your Womb, Activating your Feminine centres, Awakening Sacred Sexuality, Releasing deep seated Feminine wounding, Rebirthing your Wild Feminine Essence & Reconnecting to your Sacred Feminine Wisdom.

We will journey along the Wheel of The Year (Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere) and in tune more to cyclical living and how to apply to our life.
You are supported!

Discover with the magic of the moon and how to harness its energy to maximise abundance, wellness, success and prosperity in your life. Spark your creativity and self – reflection with the help of the lunar cycle. The more attuned we are to the moon phases, the better you use them to support your mental and emotional wellbeing.
In Cacao Ceremony, you will learn what it feels like to have your heart open & be at peace.
A packet of cacao will be included in the gift pack




I am an intuitive artist and oracle.

My soul mission is to help people empower, connect, and bring soul remembrance through the power of my creations. I am an angelic soul type.

As an oracle, spirit communicates with me through visions, speaking, downloads, symbols, and especially when I create. My creative process with creating jewelry is much like my process when I paint. It’s a beautiful and intuitive process as I listen to stone’s whispers and what they tell me.

Many times I have even had the feeling that I have created jewelry before in another time and place — a soul memory of mystic Elven and Faery designs, and ancient Lemurian and Atlantean creations. Each time I create a piece, I am using specific intent wearer feel beautiful, empowered, and protected – and to benefit from the healing crystals can bring. Each time I complete a piece, I cleanse and charge it with a moonlight ceremony and ritual. Each time I ship out a piece, I ask a blessing and intention for those who receive it. I hope you enjoy my magical creations!

While creating and receiving download for Immaculate Heart, I have used crystal healing for my light body.

Labradorite is a stone of magick and transformation, enhancing strength of will and inner worth.According to ancient lore, Labradorite is said to contain the Northern Lights. In the myth, it is believed that the lights were “set free” by one of their ancestors who broke through the rocks with his spear. The lights that remained were set into stone, and thus Labradorite. Its a powerful throat chakra stone that encourages us to discover our own magick within, listen to our intuition, and follow our dreams.Green amethyst creates a magical portal into the world of nature spirits while pyrite shields is from negative energy and helps us develop knew and innovative ways of thinking and creating. This is a powerful talisman!


Vibrational Plant Medicine is a ‘life hack’ to amplify your life and raise your vibration. Anita will transform your life as she transforms mine!

In Immaculate Heart, you will receive personalised blend Vibrational Plant Portion for the 10 months support your integration, sacred oil for self – anointing and a packet of cacao for heart opening.

These are sacred portion and sacred oil are special blended directive of Immaculate Heart, to heal, to open and retemplating heart vibration.


9. Receive an Initiation & Attunement to the Mother Mary Temple?

1. Are you ready to heal and rebirth your inner purity essence within your heart?

2. Are you ready to receive your spiritual gift?

3. Are you ready to align your soul purpose and soul destiny?

4. Are you ready to regain and reclaim your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Essence?

5. Are you ready to awaken your wild feminine power?

6. Heal and your womb for creativity and expansion?

7. Awaken your Feminine & Masculine Christ codes within so that you can accelerate into the realms of Spiritual Mastery, Sacred Sexual Union & awakening of your Sacred Feminine Heart?

8. Absorb specific Crystalline energy from this Sacred grid location to reawaken Lemurian -Atlantean codes deep within your DNA?

9. Discover Crystals support a connection with the Holy Grail Vortex & absorb their crystalline frequencies

10. You are open & flexible to receiving new teachings – this event is not of traditional religious origin, it offers New Age channelled teachings that may break the mould of your religious beliefs. If you are religious and not open to change, this event is not for you.

If you are saying YES, YES YES…You are welcome to the IMMACULATE HEART Sister!

Work with me to activate your highest potential!

I am a space holder and a vision holder (Dream Weaver) supporting you to manifest your soul’s purpose.

I am here to support you to be in complete alignment to your Sacred Feminine power so that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from manifesting your 5D Sacred Feminine Purpose & Destiny.

Temple provides an experience of direct connection & embodiment with each Divine Feminine Archetypes.
These live initiations are at the heart of Priestess Of The Light Temple opening a profound portal to awaken Her as She lives in you. Over 10 months, we will focus on 11 Divine Feminine archetypes.
Replays available.
with each of the temple, sacred meditation visualisation journey, experience sacred portal and timeline shifting, merkaba travel & lightbody technology, diving deeper into embodying each one.
Imagine each one of these portals as potent medicine.
These sacred offerings are not available outside this program.
for each of the 11 archetypes, so you may further your exploration & practice.
This includes an invitation to cycle with the new & full moons, enter into communion with each archetype, journal about your dreams, and deepen your personal connection with the archetypes.
Enjoy a dedicated, intimate online group filled with unconditional love, sisterhood, & support.
This powerful crucible offers a web of potent connection where we share our deepest challenges & transformations through poetry, art, and song.
Think of this as us gathered around the temple hearth, offering heart listening and unconditional witnessing.
All of the year-long content is held in a private space.
Access all your deepening materials, bonuses, journals, and the recordings (audio and video) of every live temple.
All of this is in one beautiful space, exquisitely organised so that you can lay your hand and heart upon any of the materials whenever you choose!
Access to this membership site is evergreen.
to deeply shift and clear Karmic Cords, Genetic Weakness, Ancestral Patterning, Past Lives, Fear and Deep Energetic Blockages to accelerate your Soul Awakening, Soul Purpose Manifestation and Priestess Path. The Crystal Grids are full body activations which support to heal the deepest aspects of Soul.
You will receive sacred gift to support your journey.
Personalised Vibrational Plant Portion Your divine elixir has been activated with plant kingdom assistance to anchor your light body and infused with additional Crystal Kingdom Technology to assist with integration of all codes.

Sacred Oil
This Sacred Holy is specially created for Immaculate Heart, for Heart – Womb Anointing.
Collaboration with Empress Sorority
New Zealand.
In Cacao Ceremony, you will learn what it feels like to have your heart open & be at peace.
A packet of cacao will be included in the gift pack


AUD 2,222

Get started for $222.20 per month for monthly payments from August 2021 for 10 months


FULL Payment of AUD 2,222


*12 months Rise Within Soulful Membership

*1:1 Heart – Womb Healing Session In Person or Online Session

The IMMACULATE HEART is for you if you want an online, intimate temple journey.

You’ll experience:

  • 10 live archetypal temple experiences with Lilian Hii
  • Sacred Meditation Journey
  • 8 Group Embodiment Calls
  • Deep Dive Journal
  • 10 workbooks
  • Online Temple Space
  • Members Only Portal
  • Closing Temple with Cacao Ceremony
  • Wheel of The Year Rituals
  • Moon Cycle Journaling and Rituals
  • Receive Discount Code for Katrina Koltes Mystical Jewellery
  • Sacred Gifts – Personalised Vibrational Plant Portion, Sacred Oil, a packet of cacao (10 months)
  • Sacred Heart Sister Circle – Online Community Sharing Circle Our private “off of social media” community sharing platform is a powerful and unifying space during our training (and beyond) to connect with your Queen Sister’s around the world for connection, support and inspiration. You are invited to share heart reflections, poetry, art, songs, questions, challenges, dreams and triumphs. You will be witnessed, held and honoured by your fellow Sacred Heart Sisters and be able to offer them upliftment, reflection and witnessing as well. 
  • 10 UNIQUE CRYSTAL GRIDS TECHNOLOGY – including grids, templates, invocation and activation codes.



The Garden of Eden Retreat is an experience of total relaxation, privacy and peace. It is a 61 acre property situated on sacred Aboriginal land. Bordering the World Heritage-listed Yengo National Park, the home of Mount Yengo – ‘Uluru of the East’ – this sacred land is a powerful creative and healing centre in the Hunter Valley region of Australia.

Admire the view of Mount Yengo as you descend into Boree Valley, home of the Garden of Eden Retreat. Mount Yengo is a table-top mountain and remnant of an ancient volcano. Aboriginal legend tells the story of Baiame, the creator, stepping down from the sky to create the earth and all things from where Mount Yengo stands today; it has been an important spiritual and cultural centre for eons.

The Garden of Eden experience is one of tranquillity. Enjoy off-the-grid living with all the modern amenities, while staying in distinctively understated style and luxury. Garden of Eden’s two private living quarters – the Gaia Studio and Pemulwuy House – blend in beautifully with the natural Australian bushland, providing a sacred space for rejuvenation.

Walk outside to experience the healing magic of the land. Gaze upon the beauty of this natural wilderness and be inspired by the serenity of the Living Sanctuary Garden. Take a walk to our two sacred sites – the Pyramid and Goddess Stone Circle – for healing and communion with spirit and nature.

Come & Join The Garden of Eden Retreat in Sydney to be with Lilian and an intimate group of your sisters. Immerse in the power and beauty of the “off-grid” experience at the Garden of Eden slows you down. Away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, at the Garden of Eden you can sit back, breathe in, and focus your spirit on honouring the sacredness of nature and the earth. We shall commune together at sacred site in Ceremony, deepen in teachings and deepen the Sacred Sister Heart, eat delicious food, and play in the Elements!

Date: 2022 More details will be released.

Please fill in this form for Express of Interest.


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1. What time will the online event be held?

The Online event will be held on Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST) time zone. The schedule will be included in the Welcome Pack.

2. Where and how will the online event be held?

The Online event will take place via Zoom Online. The zoom link will be email to you 48 hours prior the online event. It is easy to join, little setup required.

3. Do I need to attend the Online events Live?

It is not a requirement that you attend the Online event live. If you cannot attend live, you will still receive all energy healing benefits and will receive a replay to watch in your own time (which will be equally as powerful!).

4. Is there any payment plan?

Yes, the extended payment plan available.

5. What is the refund policy?

Due to the nature of this deeply profound training, The Immaculate Heart is completely non-refundable and non-transferable for other programs. Upon registering, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and are accountable for the completion of your tuition payment plan in its entirety.

6. Are there any Terms and Conditions?

Yes you can read Terms and Conditions above.

7. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we have limited partial scholarships available that are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

8. How can I contact you?

If you have any further questions or need support, please reach out via email to We are happy to connect during office hours on weekdays. Thank you.

Do you need clarity or to be witnessed at this initiatory gateway?

Apply for a Free, 20-minute clarity call.
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The Priestess of The Light Temple “Immaculate Heart” is an initiatory process for spiritual training. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. If you have any mental health issues please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program. It requires breaking through old patterns and ways of being – an initiatory process that can feel uncomfortable. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional), is rigorous and not for those who suffer from mental disabilities, depression, have suicidal episodes or are presently in therapy. Each initiate is responsible for their own actions and boundaries. The Priestess of The Light Temple “Immaculate Heart” its founder, Lilian Hii, is not, and will not, be held liable for any assumed damage that is deemed to occur at any time. Initiates must accept that all knowledge is given in good faith. Initiates must understand that they are entering into training in a pioneer field and all such training is given in good faith to the highest known safety standards or perceived practices within this discipline.