Welcome Sister, to the Earth Star Temple

In my meditation after the Lion’s Gate 8/8/2021, this vision has raised that Earth Star Temple will have a huge influence over these possible world events, through outer activism and inner group work. Image from PInterest, please tell me if you know the designer so I can credit his or her work)

How can we all contribute to this bright new, “day-be-with-us”? Resist the “new normal”, stand up for yourself, your community, your civil rights – cultivate courage! This term, “day-be-with-us” is described by H.P. Blavatsky as,

Why Temple?

Temples were dedicated to healing, meditation, connecting with your star family and receiving divine insights. It is also a place of devotion, a pure energetic space to connect with the divine. Therefore the alchemy truly happened in the Temple.

Earth Star Temple is a beautiful collaboration between Gaia, Star Family & Divine Human. Together, the Temple draws forth the heart light of Sophia to Earth, bringing deep soul alchemy on many levels to all that blesses us with commitment.

We bring together the great pantheon of the mystical realms of Avalon, the magic of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the vast Star Nations that support spiritual growth on our planet drawing forth a new light on soul transformation.

We will explore these energies together through circles, teaching and sharing with you the alchemical healing that will empower and guide you on your path. Together we will create a sacred sisterhood of women who are not afraid to be seen, to awaken their true voices and rise into the divine goddesses they are all destined to be.

This incredible offering is delivered online as virtual training with the added bonuses of soulful circles and sacred retreats.

We look forward to walking this path with you.


RISE WITHIN – 12 Months Soulful Membership Style Online Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life. You’ve discovered there’s a strong need to implement change in your life.

There are three pillars in RISE WITHIN:-

1. Ignite Change – You will leave the key spiritual principals, let go of stress, anxiety and depression, create life-long healthy habits.
2. Self-Heal & Self-Love – You will fall in love with yourself and your life, awaken your authentic self, become the greatest version of yourself.
3. Motivate & Inspire – You will discover your passions and purpose in life, clarify the next phase of your life journey, walk-in alignment with your Higher Self.

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A 12 – month membership connecting embrace, embody and activate your essence.

This 12 Month path is a mystery path with direct embodiment practices to receive the faces of the Goddess, in gnosis. As such, there is no “teaching,” but rather a deep and profound remembrance, catalysed by being within a skillfully held alchemical crucible.

You will open your vessel wider — and clearer — to receive Her energy.

Through an alchemical process and direct embodiment, you will transform shadow into light; fear into Love; lead into gold.

This will include:-

Archetypal Journey

Womb Wisdom & Womb Yoga

Moon Sanctuary

Wheel of The Year




Crystal Grids


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When you click below it will bring you to enrollment in the Earth Star Temple in Mighty Network, a private community.


As we have passed through the pinnacle of the Lions Gate, please know that this portal continues through the end of August with Heart-Awakening Codes continuing to amplify and visions expanding into clarity.I am pleased to introduce you to my new baby – Healing Prayers Circle. There will be an audio Healing Prayer Transmission with me and Global Sisters. It will be meditation + healing prayers transmission will be around 30 mins and/or with Journal questions.It is simple, easy, uplifting and healing. If you need any prayer for you or anyone, I welcome you to join Telegram, we will all join the prayer together. It is powerful.


This is my deep manifestation in this Lion’s Gate. I received some guidance. I am open to collaboration for this circle. Please email me lilianhii79@gmail.com. Let’s Chat!