“My heart is a temple for Divine Mother’s presence, outpouring love, will, grace and blessings to all of Creation.”

–Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide

Y(OUR) unique heart vibration, WAVE OF LOVE and SOUL ESSENCE come together to create your coherence field, alignment of your sacred creativity services to the world.

I AM The Galactic Bridge Connecting You With High Frequency Light.

Every step of my process is guided.

Guided by my intuition, by your Soul, by Spirit, by Source Energy, by the LIGHT and by the team of LIGHT beings I am working with.

I allow myself to be guided to the LIGHT required, to the container needed to hold the LIGHT, to the connections available, to the price which activates and holds the container, to the timing of the release, to the information supporting its use, to the process needed for its creation, to the support tools.

This may mean that the process or the outcome may not look exactly as you or I expect when we decide to work together.

Allowing myself to be divinely guided is a very important part of the process and will take precedence over what our human mind requests or judges to be important.

Working with me requires you to completely surrender to this process.

I create beautiful, elegant, grounded and powerful visual representations of your unique blueprint through channeled sacred Celestial Essence Codes, Symbols, Sacred Geometries and Activations for your New Earth branding.

I am devoted to creating pathways for you to be truly heartfelt and seen by your community and around the globe, creating magnetic frequency encoded points of attraction for your clients, thus expanding and aligning the power of your contribution to the world.

I work with amazing New Earth Leaders and Visionaries and across the globe and love to share the gift of translating the frequency of your soul mission into a powerful, refined and bespoke divine presence.

It is time for you to Shine & Rise!

Lilian Ana’i — Celestial Essence

CRYSTALLINE DIVINITY CODE is a Uniquely Channeled Soul Code for devoted souls who are ready to activate their highest timelines of the personal spiritual journey, accelerate your spiritual growth, personal evolution, soul ascension, and the embodiment of your unique divine blueprint, so that you anchor into higher timelines of love, sacred gifts, soul expression, abundance, appreciation and joy.

EARTH STAR CELESTIAL ARTISTRY FOR SPIRITUAL BUSINESS is Uniquely Channelled Light codes to anchor the embodiment of your divine gifts so you can birth your sacred offerings & shine with love, joy, grounded and alignment. This is perfect for those who are ready to share your gift & wisdom with the world.  It is now to anchor the embodiment of your unique divine blueprint so that you can express yourself with soulful confidence and the powerful magnetic humility that your soul knows so well.

ACTIVATION ESSENCE CODE is  Light codes emanating specific potent frequencies to activate, transmute, transmit, and anchor specific embodiments in your life, business, & world. This is perfect for those who are beginning or deepening their light code journey and wish to commission a unique channeled light code. These Light codes are also perfect for those who wish to amplify their powerful teaching transmissions with a potent and customised Light code to accelerate the transformational results of their clients. This is perfect for people who journey into your Sacred Container to who unique codes for holding their divinity and healing process when they journey in your alchemical offerings.



Stargates are energetic portals designed for astral traveling to a specific location for a specific reason. They are created to be held within the Earth’s energetic space using the vibrational frequency from galactic beings and anchored into the Earth grid by the Elementals and Gaia. The connection of these two vibrations creates a balanced partnership and allows an easy flow of energy.

Stargates provide an easy way to communicate with multi-dimensional beings and therefore make connecting with your soul family, particularly your star family, easier. As you make these connections you will start to remember more about yourself and your purpose in this incarnation.

The purpose of a Stargate is primarily to strengthen your connection to your soul, to remember, to awaken and to align with your Higher Self. Each Stargate offers a unique experience, often through Healing, DNA activation, Conscious awareness of your life’s purpose, Rememberance of your unique gifts, Opportunity to increase your ability to hold light within your Lightbody, Clearing energy to make changes, Connecting you with your Star Family, amongst other purposes.


“So beautiful! We’re definitely Lemurian Sisters. I love the beauiful creation that you are sharing with the world. So transformational at such a powerful time in our ascension process.”

— Kara Melendy, Global Mentor to Spiritual Leaders & Lightworkers

“This is so beautiful. I love this Lilian. You are so gifted.”

— Jessica Palmer, Grounded Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Consultant

This is a language- a form of communication. In a vision, I had with symbols and rainbows. They showed me it was our first form of communication. It communicates to energetic grids and with them we open portals, consciousness to access the powers that are within. Each symbol that comes through is activation and remembrance of the infinite language. It feels like it is a multidimensional communication when I see and feel it I enter into this space. It feels like the same space I enter when I channel.”

Malieokalani Urrutia, Creatrix & Guide, Sacred Women School

“I really felt it in my heart centre to trust, surrender protected. Absolutely beautiful!”

— Stefania Muffato

“I felt into my heart space and clear al lof my upper chakras to assist me in ascension or align me to higher-self. Amazing!”

Casey Crook, Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Coordinates to assist restructuring or structuring our DNA.”

— Aaron Davis,

“Data code blueprint to activate certain abilities for selective individuals.”

— Litz Hoyts, Volunteer

“I feel the connection of the release and the surrender.”

— Brandi Brewster, Maine USA

“The energy ollowing truth the crystallie grid in the earth between sacred points of energy in the earth. Aand when you connect into the earth’s crystalline grid and absorb its energy it elevates your vibration and helps you to connrct to the stars energetically”

— Leanne Jane, Lemurian Sound Healer, Australia

“It dissolves the shadows and releases the energies into the light.”

— Claudia Palmas,