About Me


I am a Magdalene Rose Priestess, Sisterhood of The Rose, and Founder of Priestess of The Light Temple.

I dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to Reclaim their Sovereign Power and Embody their Soul Essence. I have been coaching and mentoring women in for those who seeking for Soul Blueprint, Soul Discovery and Self – Discovery Journey both online and in person in Australia.

I am a Priestess of the Rose Lineage, Rosa Mystica and also a Scented Priestess, trained in with Elayne Khalila Doughty and Diana Dubrow in Priestess Presence and Emerald Temple.

Through extensive mystical, alchemical and sacred trainings, Activations of Soul Gnosis, Archetypal Goddess Embodiment, and on Priestess Path, I am passionate guiding women through Light and Shadow home to their innate Wisdom, Truth, and Sovereignty.

My deep devotion with the unknown, trust and faith, I have received the Blessings from these sacred lands and the Rosa Mystica Council to share in my offerings through Rise Within – a Year Long Self – Discovery Program so that women are able to discover themselve in a safe space, learning how to get out of ego to the unconditional love, self-love and self-care, setting boundaries, protection and many more. Women gain many Self – Mastery Tools to transmute fear to love and uplift the vibration.

I am a Certified Life Coach, Women’s Embodiment Mentor. She is from Borneo, Malaysia and lives in Sydney, Australia with my Husband, Lawrence and three beautiful children. Pearl is 14 years old, Pierre-Alexander is 11 yrs old and Paige is 2 years old.