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Can you feel the earth is waking up?

We are at the Festival of IMBOLC, one of the 8 seasons of Wheel of The Year.

The Wheel of The Year can help us tune into natural cycles and helps us internalise these outward changes in nature as reflections of the growth and evolution us experience in our own life.

Living in harmony with the seasons and flow of nature helps us to lead a more soulful life and to cultivate a deeper understanding of ourselves on a soul level. The Wheel of The Year helps us to recognise who we are and our role in the world around us

These sacred times connect us with the light, land and with the seasons. The land is our mother. She feeds us, shelters us and gives us comfort and joy. The Wheel of The Year gives us a chance to give something back to her and honour all that she does.

As modern people like us, we often forget this and feel disconnected without quite knowing why.

In Southern Hemisphere, we are in the Imbolc Seasons that means the returning of the light after the depths of winter. It is the perfect time to ask for clarity of purpose and to increase self-knowledge and to allow your true light to shine.

Originally it was a celebration particularly Celtic Goddess, Goddess Bridgid in her fiery spring aspect.

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This beginning of the change of season was considered to be the time Bridgid’s fire spark again and awakes the earth.

It is also the time that our own personal fires ignite our passions once again and we begin to take more actions, burn away our doubts and dives deeper into our own creativities. There is a feeling of optimism and quiet joy about Imbolc time. Imagine baby animals are born and pants are begging to push through the ground of winter.

I have created an Imbolc Altar with white and pink with clear quartz mandala. It is beautiful. You can decorate yours with fresh seasonal flowers including buds.

There are so many rituals to honour Imbolc or even Bridgid. My favourite tradition for Imbolc is leaving water out or Bridgid blessing. Leave our a blow containing a small amount of fresh water on the night of Imbolc or before. Also leave out the fresh bread, honey or mil as a gift for her.

Bridgid will come around and bless the water herself and any dew that form that moring will also be powerfully blessed by spring energies. These healing water blessed by the Goddess herself are powerful if you wash your face using this blessed water it is said you will not age for another year. Beat the expensive face cream, right!

Here are some of the journal questions to contemplate the month of August.

  1. What would you life o create, exeprience and manifest this month?
  2. What are the important dates for me this month?
  3. What would give you joy this month?
  4. What are you devoted to?
  5. What are you seeding right now? How you are going to bring it to action?

August is such a potent energy month and if you have not yet listened to the Lion Gate Portal, How do we work with it and including some rituals, you can listen here.

In this podcast, you will learn: what’s is Sirius, what’s is Lion’s Gate Portal, what is it means to the New Earth and how to work with this potent, high-frequency energy. I share some Lion’s Gate Rituals to set an intention to work with the energy. I love to hear from you how you navigate yourself through this beautiful journey.

You can listen to this blog here anytime.

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