What is Lemuria?

To me, through an Angelic perspective of evolutionary creation, Lemuria was an age in which our collective Spirit learned about ecological complexity, reciprocity and began our materialization process into denser form. During this age especially towards the beginning of it, we often incarnated through nature spirits, fairies, into trees, plants, and micro-cellular organisms. We did this to begin to experience materialization, and also how joy and delightful it is to experience “other”.

Talking about Lemuria always moves me right through what I call the Amnesia field. Original humanity is deeply connected to the Earth and the natural realms, created with the ability to access all the dimensions of living organisms of this planet. We are meant to be the Guardians, the library Keeper. It’s a great honor to be here and clearly, we have really lost touch with that.

Primordial DNA Activation

The recent activation of Lemurian DNA in the planetary body and human collective feels like an immune boost. When we are in resonance with nature our inner Divinity, there can’t be sickness. I believe humans are not meant to experience sickness, the reason disease is so prevalent in the world today is because humans are completely separated from our own Divinity and the Divinity of others.

When I think about Lemuria, I think about the story of humanity and the intentions we had as a collective angelic consciousness for physicality. Together as a Cosmic Oneness of universal Consciousness, we desired to experience the complexity our self because we were infinite. We desired to experience ourselves as a wide range of life forms, experiences, frequencies, colors, sounds, and energies. It’s astounding considering even just how diverse in Life our home planet the Earth really is.

Lemuria was an Age in our planetary evolutionary process. I’m seeing trees, swamps, grasses, flowers, and moss but not yet any complex living life forms. I am seeing bacteria, amoebas, and all kinds of primitive life-forms. We as Angelic Consciousness incarnated by moving into the trees, coming into different living organisms, as Elementals, fairies, and even as clouds.

During that time we were learning about ecological unity, how life co-creates and works together. In order for ecosystems to be balanced and to support complex creatures like animals, we had to understand how Universal creation and reciprocity works in the matter. So we incarnated into energy-based bodies and lived inside of plants and in the water, studied and meditated with these energies of pure, deep love for Creation. We appreciated how amazing and beautiful nature really is.

The Lemurian energy is coming up to remind us of a time when we were innocent and unified. We respected all of Life and were in awe of our own participation within it, and there was no ounce of separation between us and the natural world. This energy is coming in to unify us, activating this frequency of unified Earthling consciousness.

This activation is calling Humanity to initiate the correct response to ecocide. The false love and light movement encourages people to only express love and light and frowns upon anger. Yet if some evil alien comes to my house and threatens my family and tramples all over my garden, the correct reaction would be Anger. If someone tramples all over you and destroys what’s dear and sacred to you, the correct response would be anger and to protect those things.

So we have been programmed to allow the government or whoever else to destroy our planet, destroy our connection to our own sense of divinity inside and this is absolutely not okay. In order to activate the true sense of righteous masculine energy of protection and creation and strength, we have to be reminded of what we are protecting. Why is our planet so worthy of our attention and care?

The Earth is a living library of very many genetic Lineages from all of the universe. Every beetle, tree, flower… they are all genetic composites of living life forms from all over the universe! When we begin to look at nature through that lens, we begin to recognize just how amazing it really is. There is so much diversity here, we realize that this is something worth standing up for. The Earth and All of Life is Worthy of our strength, power, and courage to protect her!

The Somatic-Elemental Body

Our somatic-elemental body never loses touch and never disconnects from the physical and energetic realities. The elemental body is a very innocent and pure part of us. I like to imagine or perceive my body as a very advanced beautiful flower or vegetative plant, a bio-spiritual organism. This activates our Lemurian DNA because this was how we experienced everything then.

There was just pure ecological balance and reciprocity during that age. There is nothing that is lacking, the ecosystem provided for everything, oxygen, soil, minerals, water. This level of nurturance was literally our whole experience of the universe, being provided for, held, wanted, and cherished just by existing. Just our mere existence expanded the universe. Just like unique jungle flowers, simply existing as a unique beautiful aspect of the universe, and just by existing it is not only worthy of all of the support all of the nutrients all of the sunlight, but it is also cherished by the whole universe.

This is what our Elemental body is meant to experience when we’re connected to the Elemental part of ourselves. A very pure and delightful relationship to life itself. This frequency activates our Lemurian DNA and helps our body remember and restore those feelings of reciprocity and interconnectedness with Life.

In our current reality, we feel unworthiness, fear, and scarcity – like the reality is evil and is out to get us like there is some jealous and Angry God. So connecting in with the primordial Gaia energy we begin to get to the roots of these distorted Energies and begin to restore them.

The Lemurian energy allows my body to reset to being in the truth frequency of being an infinitely wanted child in an ever-expanding abundant and benevolent universe. Imagine existing in this vibration in our body all the time; that’s what it’s meant to be like on this planet.

Living Unity Consciousness

In a world of divide and conquer tactics, the Lemurian energy reminds us of unity through its mothership or mother frequency. A mother lineage of all ascended ancient civilizations – no matter if you are of Taoist descent or Kemetic, or native or Celtic, you know your mystery teachings come from the one source. This unity is recognizing the one pure stream of Truth and that is love and the sacred Divinity of creation.

The spiritual war that we have in our world right now wants us to cling to these fearful stories, takes sides, and blame someone for our pain. We have to remember that the most important thing we all need to do is to remember our Togetherness and really what Unites us which is our spirit. Our spirit is made of all of the same Divine Light.

When we hold this energy of True Unity together, we carry the antidote to the great sickness of the world. This Lumerian activation is bringing forth this original frequency of Unity on a somatic-elemental level. It wants to come through our hearts so much, to truly feel the love, joy, innocence, and perfection right now simply being alive. Our original consciousness coming home to the very lucid yet simple realization of Unity and Love.

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